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Jenny Scheinman: Some Serious Mischief

By Published: February 27, 2012
AAJ: That's an interesting story on a truly remarkable recording. The results are quite sublime.

JS: Yeah, I think so.

AAJ: What are your plans for this band, touring- wise, and are you looking ahead to another recording?

JS: I'm sure we'll make another record. I think we'll stay around. Three of us have known each other for over 10 years, and we've played a lot together so there's a lot of glue there. I'm not pushing it. Nels [Cline] is very busy with Wilco, as you can imagine, and we all have a lot of other touring and recording we're doing, and two of us are having babies. Todd [Sickafoose] is having a baby; I'm having a second baby in May, so there's lots of other stuff going on in our lives. But it feels solid, in spite of that. In spite of the ridiculous schedules, it feels like something we'll do every year at the [Village] Vanguard, plus maybe another tour. We have tons of invitations to places, that we can sometimes do and sometimes can't. I'm really moved that everybody is so committed to it. As the leader, one of the things I would like to do with the band is to encourage them to integrate a song or two of their own. When we played at the Vanguard this last time, I played several of Nels' compositions. I would like to bring our approach to material that is not just mine. When this CD is out and has legs, I'll probably write a bunch of material and we'll do something else.

AAJ: So we can expect more mischief and more mayhem then?

JS: [Laughs.] Hopefully.

AAJ: And what's coming up next in your busy schedule, recording-wise?

JS: I'm on a sort of sabbatical right now, and I'm doing a lot of writing. I think the next record will be very focused on me, if that's not a weird thing to say. So many of my records have been bands and about interaction, and I'd like to do one that basically comes out of what I learned from the solo touring, and see if I can mine myself to find enough energy, charisma, content and narrative to make a record.

Selected Discography

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Jenny Scheinman, 12 Songs (Cryptogramophone, 2005)
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John Zorn, Voices in the Wilderness (Tzadik, 2003)
Bill Frisell, The Intercontinentals (Nonesuch Records, 2003)
Jenny Scheinman, The Rabbi's Lover (Tzadik, 2002)
Leni Stern, Finally the Rain has Come (LSR, 2002)
Vinicius Cantuaria Vinicius, (Transparent Music, 2001)
Jenny Scheinman, Live at Yoshi's (Avant, 2000)
Gabriela, Viento Rojo (Intuition, 1999)
The Hot Club of San Francisco, Live MCMCV (Hot Club Records, 1996)

Photo Credits

Pages 2, 4: Michael Gross

All Other Photos: Michael Wilson

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