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Lars Danielsson: Love is the Message

By Published: January 23, 2012
AAJ: Why is the order of the songs so important to you? Are you creating a way for the listener to hear the whole album in one sitting?

LD: Yes, the album is supposed to be listened to all together, like in a flow. All my recordings are.

AAJ: How, then, did you approach the Signature series (ACT)? Your album in this collection featured tracks that you personally selected from all your ACT recordings from 1991 to 2009, and was designed as an introduction to your work.

LD: I tried to make whole new albums with songs that had appeared on earlier recordings. I changed the order that the songs appeared in—for example, a song that was the first on one album wasn't necessarily the first song on the Signature album. I even chose different versions of the songs.

AAJ: The artwork for Liberetto is an abstract piece called "Untitled 2010," by Martin Noël. Why choose this image?

LD: The people at ACT chose the painting on the cover. I have no input in the presentation of the album. That's the way it works. I do the music and they do the cover. I approve it before it is released, of course, but I am not involved in the design at all. I know it is a different setup at other labels, but I quite like it this way, and it is interesting to see what they come up to represent my music. The impact a cover has is really important. You only get one second to grab someone's attention, so I am happy to leave that part to the people at the label, as they know what they're doing. Liberetto was recorded in high resolution, so it'll also be released on vinyl. I'm looking forward to seeing how that looks when it is ready.

AAJ: You recently worked with the Jazz Baltica Ensemble as a composer and conductor. How did that come about?

LD: That was a fantastic experience and a really wonderful opportunity. The organizers invited us over to Salzau, Germany in early July, at the 2011 Jazz Baltic festival, and I got the chance to perform with players that I wouldn't normally play with. I have played with the ensemble before but not as composer and conductor. In fact, I have played there nearly every year since 1992.

Selected Discography

Lars Danielsson, Liberetto (ACT, 2012)
Lars Danielsson, Tarantella (ACT, 2009)
Ulf Wakenius, Love Is Real (ACT, 2009)
Wolfgang Haffner, Acoustic Shapes (ACT, 2008)
Lars Danielsson/ Leszek Możdżer, Pasodoble (ACT, 2007)
Lars Danielsson, Mélange Bleu (ACT, 2006)
Ulf Wakenius, Notes From the Heart (ACT, 2005)
Lars Danielsson, Libera Me (ACT, 2004)
Lars Danielsson, Origo (Dragon, 1999)
Lars Danielsson/David Liebman/Jon Christensen/Bobo Stenson, Live At Visiones (Dragon, 1997)
Lars Danielsson, Continuation (L+R Records, 1994)
Lars Danielsson/David Liebman/Jon Christensen/Bobo Stenson, Far North (Curling Legs, 1994)
Lars Danielsson, European Voices (Dragon, 1993)
Lars Danielsson, Fresh Enough (L+R Records, 1992)
Lars Danielsson, Origo (Dragon, 1999)
Lars Danielsson, Poems (Dragon, 1991 )
Lars Danielsson/Alex Acuña, Nighlight (Royal Music, 1990)
Lars Danielsson, New Hands (Dragon, 1986)

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Lars Danielsson
Lars Danielsson

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