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Big Band Caravan

Stan Kenton-NOVA Jazz Orchestra / Baker's Dozen Big Band / Danny D'Imperio and the Bloviators

By Published: January 10, 2012
Personnel: CD1: Tracks 1-7: Stan Kenton: leader, piano; Frank Huggins: rrumpet; Bud Brisbois: trumpet; Rolf Ericson: trumpet; Joe Burnett: trumpet; Roger Middleton: trumpet; Lennie Niehaus: alto sax; Bill Trujillo: tenor sax; John Bonnie: tenor sax; Billy Root: baritone sax; Sture Swenson: baritone sax; Archie LeCoque: trombone; Kent Larsen: trombone; Jimmy Knepper: trombone; Jim Amlotte: bass trombone; Bill Smiley: bass trombone; Carson Smith: bass; Jerry L. McKenzie: drums; Mike Pacheco: percussion. Tracks 8-18: Bob Knight: bass trombone, for Bill Smiley; Charlie Mariano: alto sax, for Lennie Niehaus; Jack Nimitz: baritone sax, for Sture Swenson; Billy Stuart: drums, for Jerry McKenzie. CD2: John Ahern: trumpet; Pete Davis: trumpet; Graham Martin: trumpet; Tim Martin: trumpet; Sten Johnson: trumpet; Bob Byers: alto sax; Kari Musil: alto, tenor sax; Paul Peterson: tenor sax; Bill Burton: tenor, baritone sax; Mike Krikava: baritone sax; Dave Karr: tenor, baritone sax solos (6, 9, 13); Mike Larson: trombone; Chris Wiley: trombone; Mike Haynes: trombone; Craig Lawless: trombone; Ike Wagner: bass trombone; Bruce Padalty: piano; Pete Karstad: bass; Dave Perry: drums, percussion; Angel Diaz: timbales, congas.

Goes to Eleven

Tracks: Goes to Eleven; Todo Que Eres; BJam Blues; The Woozy Dude Blues; The Chanteuse; Spazz Jazz; Pellalarigram; Another Zydobe; Full Circle; Sing; Chick Digs It; El Viento Caliente.

Personnel: Paul Baker: composer, arranger, leader, baritone sax; Eric Johnson: trumpet; Jimmy Shortell: trumpet; Curtis Calderon: trumpet (1, 3, 6, 12); Josh Davies: trumpet (2, 4, 7, 12); Rich Haering: trumpet (1, 5, 8, 11); Ray Sasakt: trumpet (3, 6, 9. 10); Scott Benner: alto, soprano sax; Simon Wiskowski: alto, soprano sax; Steven Vague: tenor sax; Ken George: trombone; Randy Zimmerman: trombone; Kerry Williams: bass trombone; Morris Nelms: piano; Kris Afflebaugh: bass (1, 4, 8, 11); Billy Satterwhite: bass (2, 5, 7, 12); Utah Hampton: bass (3, 6, 9. 10); Rob Kazenel: drums.


Tracks: The Song Is You; It's Love; Room 608; Make It Good; Ultimate Rejection (take 1); Portrait of Stephanie; Blue Bird; It's Magic; Blue on Blue; Ultimate Rejection (take 2).

Personnel: Danny D'Imperio: leader, drums; Greg Gisbert: trumpet; Andy Gravish: trumpet; Chris Persad: trumpet; Gary Pribeck, Ralph Lalama; John Rohde, Joe Carello: reeds; John Mosca: trombone; Early Anderson: trombone; Hod O'Brien: piano; Steve Brown: guitar: Queeg: bass.

Tunnel Vision

Tracks: Back to Business; Tunnel Vision; Race to the Clouds; Refractions; Elegy for Debbie; Six of One . . .; Rite of Scorpio; After Hours; Attitude Blues; Go Mizzou!; Appointment in Milano.

Personnel: Arthur White: director, alto sax (7, 10); Michael Rabadan: trumpet; Lexie Signor: trumpet; Caleb Franklin: trumpet; Annie Linders: trumpet; Michael Metcalf: alto sax; Ryan Meinkoth: alto sax; Dirk Downing: tenor sax; Max Vale: tenor sax; Sarah Carney: baritone sax; David Witter: trombone; Matt Schmitz: trombone; Laura Brekke: trombone; Seth Elder: trombone; Brian Vaughn: bass trombone; Josiah Bryan: piano; Grace Lyden: piano; Mike Strausbaugh: guitar; Louie Pagan: bass; Skip Thompson: vibes; Phylshawn Johnson: drums; Will Lyons: drums. Special guests—BobbyWatson: alto sax (1, 5, 10, 11); Mike Metheny: flugelhorn (1, 9).

The Next Generation / Originals

Tracks: The Next Generation: CD1: Zwiefacha; Don Quixote; The Second Time Around; Swinging the Blues; Blues in the Night; I've Got the World on a String; Overcast; Time; Homecoming. CD 2: Fuego Cubano; Quien Sabe?; La Guera Baila; Gelb—Satz IV; Stray Thoughts; Schafsritt; Patita. Originals: Mont-Royal; Dijo; Mellow Drama; Tag am Kap; Hidden Sun; Beautiful Agony; Concredestal Piece; Mr. Metro.

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