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Havana Plaza Jazz Festival 2011: US Interests Section Jazz Party

By Published: December 28, 2011
With so many young Cuban jazz musicians standing around, "Perdido" signaled the time for a jam session, with O'Farrill's trio at the core. Trumpeters Yasek Manzano, Alejandro Delgado, Edwardo Sandoval, Carlin Gonzalez-Cuerto and twelve year-old Jesus Andiez were among the many musicians drawing a line between Cuba and Harlem, as were trombonist Edwardo Sandoval, saxophonists Ernesto Camilo Vega, Emir Santa Cruz and Michel Herrera, and singer Arletis Valdes.

As the evening came to a buoyant close with the strains of jazz, Caulfield summed things up by noting that three generations of people—young, middle-aged and elderly—had come together that night, and from these generations it's clear that communicating through music breaks down borders. If only everything could be this easy; as O'Farrill said, "If not when, now?"

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