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Yoko Miwa: New Star in an Old Sky

By Published: November 29, 2011
Miwa works in the grand style, the classic style. But she is an innovator as well, working within the tradition, mixing elements, letting the music follow new courses, which could lead anywhere. In a modern world where business is premium, everyone wants inside information on where an up and coming star will go next. Miwa has the potential to move in many directions. One can see her working multiple projects, being very prolific. For now she wants to stick to her trio. "I want to write my songs, of course. That should be my main thing." She wants to take things one step at a time. "I cannot plan that." Having just released her fifth CD, Live at Scullers (Jazz Cat Amnesty, 2001), she has plans to hit the festival circuit and world tours. "I want to meet more new fans."

One question is, coming from a culture where humility is valued, will she ever embrace the brasher, more self-asserting American model of the public artist that tends to bring so many so much success, from Madonna down. Again, she is committed to the tradition. Bold innovations are bound to ensue, but they will be waves lapping the shores of her placid lake, burning with flora and fauna, in a village jazzed up for a jaded, down and out populace, alive and dancing, brightening the darkening days.

Selected Discography

Yoko Miwa Trio, Live at Scullers Jazz Club (Jazz Cat Amnest, 2011)

Yoko Miwa Trio, The Day We Said Good Bye (Sunshine Digital, 2008)

Yoko Miwa Trio, Canopy of Stars (Polystar, 2005)

Yoko Miwa Trio, Fadeless Flower (Polystar, 2003)

Yoko Miwa Trio, In the Mist of Time (Tokuma, 2001)

Photo Credits

Page 1: George Lloyd

Page 3, Bottom: Liz Linder

All Other Photos: Jaime Clapp

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