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SFJAZZ Collective: Ottawa, Canada, October 13, 2011

By Published: October 28, 2011
While the house wasn't as full as the Ottawa international Jazz Festival might have hoped, sponsoring this show as part of its Fall-Winter off-festival programming, it was a tremendous step forward to begin using this venue, a fine sounding room that, capable of seating nearly 1,000 people, is still able to retain a certain sense of intimacy. While the venue SFJAZZ Collective played in 2009—the downtown-located Dominion Chalmers Church—is a fine room for certain kinds of shows, anything that begins to build on volume gets lost in its high cathedral ceiling, which can be such an asset in other cases but a real liability in others. Hopefully the less-than-stellar turnout won't discourage the festival from using Centrepoint Theatre in the future, because it really is a far more suitable room for this kind of music.

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John R. Fowler

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