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Psychedelic Furs & Tom Tom Club: Westbury, NY, October 7, 2011

By Published: October 29, 2011
The band was firing on all cylinders as it ran through muscular versions of "Heaven," "Believe" (from the Butler brothers' Love Spit Love days, and featuring lyrics sung directly into a megaphone), "Danger," and "Alice's House" and "Highwire Days," two deep cuts from Mirror Moves (Columbia, 1984), as well as "Sleep Comes Down," from Forever Now (Columbia, 1985). Richard Butler's theatrical movements and genuinely joyous demeanor was infectious, causing the crowd's reactions to boarder on delirium.

The evening fittingly ended with "Only You and I," with Butler singing "It's only you and only I / Bang, Bang / Bye, Bye / Lose yourself / Lose yourself / Lose yourself / Lose yourself," as he walked off the stage followed by each of the band members who, one-by-one, laid down their instruments until Garisto put down his sticks and disappeared into the wings.

Thirty years is a long time. Prior to the show, there was a palpable buzz in the crowd. Attendees wondered aloud, praying that the bands "still have it and don't look old." One fan said, "I hope they're good. I really hope that they can still play like they did back in the day." Both groups looked fantastic and the songs they played sounded as fresh on this night as they did in the '80s. They proved that they've still got it and judging by the reaction from the audience, the fans loved it.

Visit Tom Tom Club and The Psychedelic Furs on the web.

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All Photos: Christine Connallon

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