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Take Five With...

Take Five With Rahe

By Published: October 18, 2011
Did you know...
I love to cook! I'm a real foodie, but because I am gluten and lactose intolerant (I have Celiac Disease), my choices tend to be very limited when I eat out—but it has made me very creative in the kitchen, where I've experimented with all kinds of different foods. I especially love to cook Spanish dishes from recipes that my grandmother has passed down to me and share it with people who have not yet had the fortune to travel to Spain—it's so wonderful to share a bit of my culture this way.

CDs you are listening to now:
Buika, Mi Niña Lola (Warner Music);
Nawal, Aman ( );
Billie Holiday, Billie's Best (Verve Records);
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Rise (Knitting Factory);
Habib Koité, Live! (World Village).

Desert Island picks:
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue (Columbia);
Buena Vista Social Club, Buena Vista Social Club (World Circuit/Nonesuch);
Joan Manuel Serrat, Mediterraneo (Odeon Pops);
Tom Jobim, The Composer of Desafinado Plays (Verve);
John Coltrane, A Love Supreme (Impulse!).

How would you describe the state of jazz today?
It's really not my place to say, but I find myself truly resonating with artists of earlier generations, like Billie, Trane, Miles, Betty Carter
Betty Carter
Betty Carter
1930 - 1998
, Lester Young
Lester Young
Lester Young
1909 - 1959
, Ben Webster
Ben Webster
Ben Webster
1909 - 1973
sax, tenor
and so many others that I've connected with through Marty. I recently heard Randy Weston
Randy Weston
Randy Weston
live in Santa Fe. It was wonderful, but I felt that I was hearing something that represented an end of an era.

What is in the near future?
I am so fortunate—I work consistently with an amazing filmmaker in Tucson, John Sears, who has shot all my videos, so we are focusing a lot on video work for this next phase. We are about to release some high quality, live video footage of the band, RAHE & illumiNation, from our performance in August, and we may even decide to put together a live album from the recordings and other live dates we have coming up, since our live show sounds so different from the album. After this live footage is released, we will be going into a sound stage to shoot more live footage of the band and in some other combinations—solo, duo, trio and quartet—to complete a DVD. We're also planning a third music video soon as well for my song, "Alma y corazón." We've even been thinking of adapting that piece into a longer version, along the lines of Trane's Olé.

In terms of live performance, my management company Outward Visions, has toured some of the most important artists of the late 20th Century in jazz, contemporary music and dance all over the U.S. They know that today's touring scene has changed drastically from the years that their touring program was in motion, but they have a plan of action that makes a lot of sense. They're working on expanding our base throughout the Southwest, and are laying groundwork on the east coast, Spain, and also South Africa. Once we have the film footage of the group in hand they feel that promoters, festivals and art centers who are looking for something really fresh and innovative will be very interested in presenting us. It's really exciting to think about.

By Day:
I have begun teaching, and am currently developing a series of educational programs that I am really thrilled about, but in essence, everything I do is directly related to my music.

Photo Credit
C. Elliott

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