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Take Five With...

Take Five With Philip Baumgarten

By Published: October 11, 2011
What are some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing?
The love and enthusiasm of the artists that play this music, because let's be clear about this: we jazz musicians don't play jazz for the money; we do it because we feel an inner need to contribute to this beautiful art form. An art form that deserves wider recognition, by the way.

What is in the near future?
Although I've just finished the first recording of the Philip Baumgarten Trio, I've already composed the music for our next CD. Which is a good thing, because now we get to play this music extensively during concerts well before recording our second album.

By Day:
Together with my wife I run a publishing company that publishes self-help books.

If I weren't a jazz musician, I would be a:
I would also be an artist, a painter.

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Philip Baumgarten
Philip Baumgarten

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