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Brian Adler: A World of Percussion

By Published: October 31, 2011
AAJ: Do you notice any inherent differences working with musicians from different countries? For example, do Germans have tendencies that Argentinians don't? Or is it completely individual?

BA: As far as what it's like to play with Argentinians versus Americans versus people from anywhere else—for me, it is like making friends. There are some people you just enjoy spending time with, communicating with and developing a relationship with. Everyone is unique in the sense that we have had different life experiences that we are bringing to the table. We are just exploring that in the music.

Selected Discography

Brian Adler, The Helium Music Project (Circavision Productions, 2011)
Prana Trio, The Singing Image of Fire (Circavision Productions, 2010)
Four Across, Four Across (8Bells / Circavision Productions, 2008)
Prana Trio, Pranam (Circavision Productions, 2006)
Prana Trio, After Dark (Circavision Productions, 2004)

Photo Credits
Page 2: Daniel Sheehan
All Other Photos: Courtesy of Brian Adler
Brian Adler
Brian Adler

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