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Achille Succi: Nuances and Articulations

By Published: October 19, 2011
AAJ: What lies ahead for you? Any short-term or long-term projects? What are your aspirations at this point in time?

AS: The last six or seven years my life has become busier and busier. First of al,l I became a father; then my teaching activity increased year-by-year; and working with some Italian singer-songwriters took a lot of energy and time.

What I'm feeling, at this point in time, is to find a way to save some time for my musical projects, and go back to practicing, writing music and promoting myself. I would like to go in the studio with a couple of new projects that I have some ideas about, and spend more energy to promote them; to be more of a self-manager of my groups, which is a big issue for me, since I'm very reluctant to make phone calls, emails, etc...

I still have some musical situations I'm playing in that I would like to participate in more, in terms of musical directions. I mean composing more group-oriented music. For example, I really would like to write for Vittorio Ghielmi's Gambas quartet. We have been playing together with Uri Caine last year, and we will play Uri's "Lamentations" in July, and next November in Spain. I found bass clarinet fitting very nicely with the gamba's texture. I also have some "commissions" of tunes for solo bass clarinet and for a saxophone quartet. I always put these situations off because of time, but now I really would like to do that.

Music is so vast. Every day I find some wonderful sounds coming from every part of the world. It might seem like poor long-term planning, but I could be very happy if in my future I could keep discovering music and musicians, experiment on my own, and enjoy playing the way I've done 'til now.

Selected Discography:
Scoolptures, White Sickness (Leo, 2011)
Achille Succi/Danilo Gallo, Todo Chueco (El Gallo Rojo, 2007)
Achille Succi/Tiziano Tononi, Peace Warriors (Black Saint, 2006)
Samo Salamon Sextet, Ela's Dream (Splasc(h), 2005)
Simone Guiducci Gramelot Ensemble, Dancin' Roots (Felmay, 2004)
Achille Succi/Ralph Alessi, Shiva's Dance (Artesuonor, 2003)
The Nexus Orchestra, Seize the Time! (Splasc(h), 2001)
Achille Succi/Herb Robertson, The Legend of the Missing Link (Splasc(h), 2001)
Franco d'Andrea Quartet Combinazione 1 (V.Veneto, 2001)
Pierre Dørge/New Jungle Orchestra Giraf (Dacapo, 1999)

Photo Credits
Page 1: Elisa Caldana
All Other Photos: Claudio Casanova, Courtesy of AAJ Italia

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