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Avishai Cohen: Mystical Changes

By Published: September 6, 2011
AAJ: What is your feeling about the perception of jazz music these days? Is it stronger than, say, ten years ago?

AC: Honestly, I have no idea. I just know that an artist is an artist regardless of what he's doing. I don't care what they call it. I don't care if it is called "chair." I just do music, whatever you want to call it. If they call it jazz it's OK with me.

AAJ: By looking at your busy tour schedule, and at all the jazz festivals going on in Europe and worldwide, one could get the impression that we are gradually developing into a so-called jazz market. Do you share this impression?

AC: Yes, and that is great for everybody. On the other hand we just do what we do. I am here long enough to know that I am not doing it for the money. But if there's money in there, it's cool.

AAJ: It is probably too early, but maybe you can give me a first impression on Garana.

AC: I have no clear impression yet. I am confused. It is raining; it is beautiful; we have a lot of mud. It is not something we meet every day, so I am happy. It keeps me interested and that's a good thing.

Selected Discography

Avishai Cohen, Seven Seas (EMI, 2011)
Avishai Cohen, Aurora (EMI, 2009)
Avishai Cohen, Gently Disturbed (Razdaz, 2008)
Avishai Cohen, As Is...Live at the Blue Note (HalfNote, 2007)
Avishai Cohen, Continuo (Razdaz, 2006)
Diego Urcola, Viva (CAM Jazz, 2006) Avishai Cohen, At Home (Razdaz, 2005)
Edward Simon, Simplicitas (Criss Cross, 2005)
Avishai Cohen, Lyla (Razdaz, 2003)
Avishai Cohen, Avishai Cohen & The International Vamp Band (Stretch, 2001)
Avishai Cohen, Unity (Stretch, 2001)
Chick Corea New Trio, Past, Present & Futures (Stretch, 2001)
Avishai Cohen, Colors (Stretch, 2000)
Avishai Cohen, Devotion (Stretch, 1999)
Chick Corea & Origin, Change (Stretch, 1999)
Avishai Cohen, Adama (Stretch, 1998)
Chick Corea, Origin: Live at the Blue Note (Stretch, 1997)
Danilo Pérez, Panamonk (GRP, 1997)

Photo Credits
Page 1: Youri Lenquette
Page 2: Tony Poole, Courtesy of Vibes from the Costas
Page 3: Courtesy of David Björkén

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