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Re:konstruKt: New Music Online from Istanbul

By Published: September 1, 2011
"More than executing notes or rhythms or melody, a song or a piece of music to me is a field for being—for direct living, feeling, breathing, and expressing in the moment." Sabrina Siegel is a guitarist, bassist and cymbalist. She plays guitars with rocks. Born in New York and brought up in California, Siegel now lives in Eugene, Oregon, dealing also with performances, photography and video art. The cover image for Karma Trinley Drolma is a detail from her Nature's Recomposition Buddha painting. Sabrina Siegel music has to do with situation of "not-knowing," the "precarious," the questioning of the relationship with "Nature/Body/Sound/Self/Music." But her records stand by themselves as complete and fresh pieces of music.

Tracks and Personnel


Tracks: Improvisation no.1; Improvisation no. 2; Improvisation no. 3; Improvisation no. 4.

Personnel: Korhan Argüden: drums; Özün Usta: percussions, electric bass; Umut Çağlar: guitar, electronics.

Recorded Live at deFORM

Tracks: Mobilis In Mobili Pt.1 & 2; The Mysterious Island.

Personnel: Mark O'Leary : guitar, fx; Şevket Akıncı: guitar, objects, fx; Umut Çağlar: guitar, electronics.

Selen Gülün

Tracks: Bir; Üç; Dört; Beş; Altı; Yedi; Sekiz; Onbeş.

Personnel: Selen Gülün: piano.

One Year Later Two Years Ago Pt. 1

Tracks: 1th Piece; 2th Piece; 3th Piece.

Personnel: Robert Reigle: tenor saxophone; Volkan Terzioğlu: tenor saxophone, clarinet; Şevket Akıncı: electric guitar; Dirk Stromberg: electric guitar, violin; Korhan Erel: computer, melodica, cracklebox

Hanging from the Purgatory's Pendulum

Tracks: A Tale For Lancinant Screws; Kwaidan; Garoun; Puriest Morning of All Times; Blossom in Cemetery Shadow: A Parable; The Ribald Genie; The Bridge of Khazad-dum .

Personnel: Cihan Gülbudak: theremin & fx.

Retrospective I (1997—2007)

Tracks: Fırtına; Pain In The Mass; Hsiao Hsiao The Chinese Freak; That's Very Nile Of You; Lost Spirits Of Incas; Siberian Sun; Time Worms Of Oberheit; Valdemar Incident.

Personnel: Sarp Keskiner: shakers, single string, yayboru, washtub bass, acoustic guitar, synths, fx,cans, toy xylophone, goat bells, plastic shakers, plastic chains, cans, gongs, apricot seed whistles, whistle, bottles, ocarina finger percussions, clay flutes; Volkan Terzioğlu: clarinet; Korhan Futacı: soprano saxophone; Deniz Cuylan: bass pad; Orçun Baştürk: cans, cymbals, toy snares, sipsi reeds; Burkay Dönderici: tambura picks, loops.

... di Origine Oscura

Tracks: ... di Origine Oscura.

Personnel: Mauro Sambo: alto sax, percussion, double bass.

Signals from Heart

Tracks: Estrangement; In An Old Family Album; Otherwise, No One Says Anything; A Season in Hell; Recueillement.

Personnel: Giray Gürkal: guitar, fx, trumpet (3).

Wooden Plants—June '09

Tracks: Wooden Plants—June '09.

Personnel: Ilia Belorukov: alto saxophone, objects; Dmitriy Krotevich: trombone, objects; Andrey Popovskiy: acoustic guitar, objects.

Karma Trinley Drolma

Tracks: Dropping Cymbals (Symbols); Karma I; Karma II; Karma III; Karma IV; Karma V; Karma VI; Karma VII; Karma VIII; Dakini I; Dakini II; Dakini III; Dakini IV; Dakini V; Heart; Middle Eye; Tracing the Body.

Sabrina Siegel: cymbals, electric bass, and electric guitar played with rocks.

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