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Peter Auret: Turning the Tide

By Published: September 12, 2011
AAJ: Hugo sounds a great deal like seminal South African guitarist Johnny Fourie.

PA: Yes, Johnny was his mentor, and they were very close. Hugo is also quite different from the other local guitar players, and he stands by what he wants to do. Weirdly enough, he also plays in a heavy-metal band called Not My Dog. It's all made up of guys who studied at TUT under Johnny and Kevin, and that's sort of Hugo's commercial work. He loves jazz—it's his thing—but he's also got this band.

AAJ: Kind of like Alex Skolnick
Alex Skolnick
going from heavy metal to jazz.

PA: Yeah, I suppose we're all coming from different places. It's sort of like Brad Mehldau
Brad Mehldau
Brad Mehldau
recording Radiohead or Soundgarden tunes—it's obviously music that speaks to him, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

So I think my plan now is to create these showcases—a lot of the musicians in the collective perform in more than one of the groups, which helps a lot. As far as international events go, we haven't taken any steps there yet. I've been overseas before, but with pop groups, which I think is easier. This is more niche, but I'm hoping to create a larger profile for myself and the other artists in this collective, so even if we get to play the dungeon stage at an international festival, that would still be great.

Selected Discography

Kevin Davidson Quintet, Breathing Winston, Living John (Afrisound, 2011)
Peter Auret Trio, Turn the Tide (Afrisound, 2010)
Concord Nkabinde, This Is My World (Drocnoc, 2006)
Tsunami, From Clay to Dust (Gallo, 2004)

Photo Credit
Page 1: Christo Doherty

Remaining Photos: Courtesy of Peter Auret
Peter Auret
Peter Auret

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