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Sean Jones: Progress and Passion

By Published: September 5, 2011
AAJ: Any other projects?

SJ: I'm thinking of another project I might record in the late fall. I've been doing a lot of reading on metaphysics and how god and science coincide. How all things are related and all things flow in and out of each other. I've been thinking about a lot of that stuff. So there's some music that's been coming in my head from that. There are some things on the horizon. Life is great. I can't complain.

Selected Discography

Sean Jones, No Need for Words (Mack Avenue, 2011)

Sean Jones, The Search Within (Mack Avenue, 2009)

Sean Jones, Kaleidoscope (Mack Avenue, 2007)

Tia Fuller, Healing Space (Mack Avenue, 2007)

Sean Jones, Roots (Mack Avenue, 2006)

Sean Jones, Gemini (Mack Avenue, 2005)

Gerald Wilson, In My Time (Mack Avenue, 2005)

Ron Blake, Sonic Tonic (Mack Avenue, 2005)

Sean Jones, Eternal Journey (Mack Avenue, 2004)

Photo Credits
Page 1-3: Everett R. Davis
Page 4: Maketta Wilcoxson

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