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Jimmy Scott: Across the Universe

By Published: August 30, 2011
AAJ: What advice would you give to a young singer just starting out?

JS: I would say, study the material that you want to sing. Know what the story is in the material, so that you can portray it in your song. A lot of singers don't think of that as an important issue, but it is.

AAJ: Is there any difference between singing the blues and singing jazz?

JS: No. They are both about life. Both have a depth in life. If you're singing it, you realize, "Oh, I've seen that somewhere," or, "Oh, I've been through that," and you realize it has been lived before. We recognize it as life.

AAJ: Finally, what message would you like to deliver to all your fans and supporters?

JS: All I can tell you is thank you all for being supportive in my life. Those of you who have supported any part of my life: My God, I must say thank you, and thank you, and thank you.

Selected Discography

Little Jimmy Scott, Falling in Love is Wonderful (Rhino, 2002)
Little Jimmy Scott, But Beautiful (Milestone, 2002)
Jimmy Scott, Mood Indigo (Milestone, 2000)
Little Jimmy Scott, Everybody's Somebody's Fool (Verve, 1999)
Little Jimmy Scott, Dream (Warner Bros., 1995)
Jimmy Scott, All the Way (Sire, 1992)

Photo Credits
Page 1: Clay Walker
Page 2: Hiroshi Nishikawa
Page 3: Courtesy of Jimmy Scott

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