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John Escreet: Music for This Age

By Published: August 22, 2011
He admits when he graduated in 2008, the economy was in bad shape and jazz gigs were in decline. Teaching positions were hard to get. People aren't buying CDs much anymore. All that said, "It's incentive to work even harder. It makes people strive. You can't be complacent anymore. People can't graduate from school and expect to land on someone's gig. In the 1980s, you could land on someone's gig and it could be a major touring gig from one of the jazz legends. But there are less and less of those people now. That doesn't really exist so much anymore," he said in earnest. "You've got to find new ways to make it work and make a living. You've got to embrace all the technologies, embrace the social networks, or whatever else. You have to move with the times. You have to be welcoming and not resisting. You have to work very, very hard and be open to all kinds of music and influences. Just try your best. There's not a guarantee of any kind of success at all. You just have to make good music."

And there it is. Escreet, in his very young career, is doing just that. An album he recorded in January will come out this fall. He also wants to record with his trio within the next year or so, "But then again, a thing or two might happen that you can't predict. If you'd have asked me two years ago if I wanted to record an album with Wayne Krantz and Marcus Gilmore, that probably wouldn't have been on my radar."

Escreet's radar is expansive, though. Who knows what it will detect. Chances are what it does detect and assimilate will produce music that is interesting and energizing. He's making that his way.

Selected Discography

John Escreet, The Age We Live In (Mythology Records, 2011)

John Escreet, Don't Fight the Inevitable (Mythology Records, 2010)

David Binney, Aliso (Criss Cross, 2010)
David Binney/Allan Ferber, In the Paint (Posi-Tone, 2009)

John Escreet, Consequences (Posi-Tone Records, 2008)

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