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Tineke Postma: Keeping Honest in Holland

By Published: May 24, 2011
"I hope to keep on doing what I'm doing; keep on improving and developing," says Postma. With her consistently interesting and delightfully creative music, and her captivating sound, it will be a pleasure to watch this musician grow further. She's aware of what is ahead and is looking forward to the challenges and the experiences—in music and life. Just like the title of her 2007 CD, it's a journey that matters.

"It's like a mirror. If I, as a person, am in a certain state, you definitely hear that in my music. It forces me to be a real person, be honest looking at myself and the world around me—to be able to express myself in an honest way. I know from the reaction of the audience. When I'm in the flow and being honest and trying to express myself in a humble way, the audience responds to it. For me, it's a way of living. It's a beautiful path. You never stop growing ... The most important thing is to be there and show your spirit and be inspired creatively, get the best out of yourself," she says. "I love the fact that the outside and all the outer factors are less important ... You can keep on doing it your whole life. The older you get the more wise and inspired you get if you're doing it right. So it's a beautiful thing.

"Every day, I hear new artists that inspire me. There's such a great, large jazz community with different voices. It's very inspiring. The beautiful thing is also that through my music you can also inspire people to take maybe risks or changes and be in the moment. I think there is a great quality to that as well."

Selected Discography

Tineke Postma, The Dawn of Light (Challenge Records, 2011)

Tineke Postma, The Traveller (Self Produced, 2009)

Tineke Postma, A Journey That Matters (Foreign Media Jazz, 2007)

Tineke Postma, Live in Amsterdam (Munich Records, 2006)

Tineke Postma, For the Rhythm (215 Music/Munich Records, 2005)

Tineke Posta, First Avenue, (Munich, 2003)

Photo Credits
Page 2, with Brad Mehldau: Hans Speekenbrink
All Other Photos: Courtesy of Tineke Postma
Tineke Postma
Tineke Postma

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