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Omar Sosa: Bringing The World To The World

By Published: May 10, 2011
AAJ: Another really great tune is "My Three Notes," the version on Ayaguna (Otá, 2007) (Sosa was named as a finalist in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition, Best Instrumental, for the song.] What are the three notes?

OS: C, D, E flat: C minor. C minor is one of the keys I use a lot, for some reason [laughs]. I have a lot of things in C minor. The whole song is around these three notes.

AAJ: Three of your tunes, "My Three Notes," "Muevete En D" and "Iyawo" are recorded on several different albums, in different versions. Is there some special significance about these tunes for you?

OS: Oh yeah. "Iyawo" is important to me because I wrote the song based on a period of my religion. I had a kind of purification—you can call it this—it's called "Iyawo." It's a period of the religion. It's one year. So it's something I'm going to remember until my last day, you know. I wrote this song based on this time.

The world, and its music, is like a big building with different rooms, and everybody has the right to go into all the rooms.

Selected Discography

Omar Sosa, Calma (Otá, 2011)

Omar Sosa & NDR Bigband, Ceremony (Otá, 2010)

Mark Weinstein/Omar Sosa, Tales of the Earth (Otá, 2009)

Omar Sosa, Across The Divide (HalfNote, 2009)

Omar Sosa, Afreecanos (Otá, 2007)

Omar Sosa, Promise (Otá, 2007)

Omar Sosa, Live à FIP (Otá, 2006)

Omar Sosa, Mulatos Remix (Otá, 2006)

Omar Sosa, Ballads (Otá, 2005)

Omar Sosa, Mulatos (Otá, 2005)

Omar Sosa, Aleatoric EFX (Otá, 2004)

Omar Sosa/Adam Rudolph, Pictures of Soul (Otá, 2004)

Omar Sosa, A New Life (Otá, 2003)

Omar Sosa, Ayaguna (Otá, 2003)

Omar Sosa, Sentir (Otá, 2002)

Omar Sosa, Prietos (Otá, 2001)

Omar Sosa, Bembon (Otá, 2000)

Omar Sosa, Inside (Otá, 1999)

Omar Sosa, Spirit of the Roots (Otá, 1999)

Omar Sosa, Nfumbe (Otá, 1998)

Omar Sosa, Free Roots (Otá, 1997)

Omar Sosa, Omar Omar (Otá, 1997)

Photo Credits
Page 1: David Sproule

Page 2: Ricard Cugat

Page 4: Madli-Liis Parts
All Other Photos: Courtesy of Omar Sosa
Omar Sosa
Omar Sosa
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