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Fieldwork: Philadelphia, March 12, 2011

By Published: April 21, 2011
Sorey began his drum solo by rolling a plastic water bottle on the head of his snare drum, creating an unsettling crunching noise. He then proceeded to explore the boundaries of his acoustic drum kit, playing cymbals with the sides of his sticks, playing the drums with his fingers, and taking apart his high hat and playing the cymbals on his lap, before launching into a complex stream of rhythmic data.

The final set included "Allocentric," "Cyclic Construction" and "Rai." After a brief break, the group reentered to play "Infogee Dub," which built a driving funk groove off a low note that Iyer played by hand on his piano strings, before building into a more atmospheric feel and then launching into the signature Fieldwork rotating sphere of seeming musical chaos—all the while, somehow staying in lock-step with each other and stopping on a dime, before a transfixed (and perhaps a little dumbfounded) crowd responded with a rousing ovation.

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