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Joseph Polisi: Juilliard Jazz Hits Ten

By Published: April 8, 2011
AAJ: What are the measures of success for students in the program and after they leave?

JP: The first measure of success for us is to see growth. To see artistic growth, to see creative growth—and one can discern that. I'm not just talking about technique; I'm talking about artistry and communication. In particular, our young jazz artists have been really good at being able to get into communities, large and small—and actually around the world—to explain their art form in ways that have been great models for the rest of the school. So that's been evolving. Our touring and exposure around the world has been evolving and growing, and this is all to the good.

Once they leave Juilliard, we hope that they will join the profession and be active members, adding to the richness of what exists already. And now we're seeing that. And I think that March 31st [2011] is, in fact, our first manifestation of looking back, because it's been too young to look back. And now, to see the young alumni coming back is quite encouraging and exciting for us. So I think that's a good measure too.

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