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Planeta Imaginario: Stretches in Spain

By Published: March 26, 2011
AAJ: What other areas would you plan to tour outside of Spain and when will more of the world be able to hear Planeta Imaginario live?

MC: As we don't have an agent/manager, so we have to do everything ourselves. As it's hardly possible to find management here in Spain, we hope that with more exposure abroad that we'll find representation. Last May we organized a European tour that included Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, and Greece. Currently we are preparing another one around Europe, we hope to play in Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and France.

Selected Discography

Planeta Imaginario, Optical Delusions (Cuneiform Records, 2011)
Planeta Imaginario, Biomasa (Cuneiform Records, 2008)

Planeta Imaginario, Que me dices? (Margen Records, 2004)

Photo Credit

All Photos: Courtesy of Planeta Imaginario
Planeta Imaginario
Planeta Imaginario


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