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Why Is Jazz A Dirty Word?

By Published: February 26, 2011
Educating our present day culture about jazz music involves shattering the many misconceptions that exist about jazz music. A great place to start this process is by pointing out that most popular music being played today is derived from jazz and the blues. Jazz education is playing a critical role in helping bring this about. Jazz programs in public schools are helping to develop new jazz musicians from the younger generations, and to garner a greater appreciation for jazz. But it will also involve jazz musicians taking a hard look at the many reasons why people say they don't like jazz, what made jazz a dirty word, and doing some serious soul-searching. Being sensitive to these reasons will take much time, patience, and persistence, but can help bring about more favorable acceptance and greater appreciation for jazz. My vision for jazz music in the future is a world where jazz, (in all its many flavors) will be the most popular music in the world and even the word jazz itself will be used, understood, and respected in a sacred way.

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