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Keiko Matsui: And The Road...Goes On

By Published: March 9, 2011
AAJ: When you called this record The Road..., did it mean something more than just all the touring and the time you spend traveling?

KM: Yes. I am the mother of two children and it is very difficult for me to leave my children behind. They usually stay with my mother in Tokyo, but sometimes I do take them with me. When I cannot, we are all very sad, but it is always better when we are with each other again. For me being on the road means some sadness when I away from my family, but it also means joy, because I can play my music and know that I am bringing some happiness to others.

AAJ: This is your 22nd album, and you have been making music for 24 years. You don't do cover tunes. You don't try to keep up with changing trends or tastes. You don't pander. You just make very honest music. Is it hard maintaining true to your musical vision?

KM: I never thought I would be able to do this, but music is for me a spiritual journey and it makes me happy to know there are people who want to share this journey with me. I am thankful for the great musicians who play on my albums and in my band and I am thankful for the people who come to see us. My music is my way of sharing my dreams of peace on earth.

Selected Discography

Keiko Matsui, The Road... (Shanachie, 2011)
Keiko Matsui, Moyo (Shout! Factory, 2007)
Keiko Matsui, Walls of Akendora (Phantom Import Distribution, 2005)
Keiko Matsui, Wildflower (EMI, 2004)
Keiko Matsui, Deep Blue (Narada, 2001)
Keiko Matsui, Whisper From the Mirror (Narada, 2000)
Keiko Matsui, Dream Walk (Unity Label Group, 1996)
Keiko Matsui, Sapphire (Countdown, 1995)
Keiko Matsui, Doll (Countdown, 1994)
Keiko Matsui, No Borders (MCA, 1989)
Keiko Matsui, A Drop of Water (Countdown, 1987)

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