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Solid Gold Soul

Solid Gold Soul
By Published: February 19, 2011
Smooth and soulful. A few well know artists with some songs you may not know.

1 Here I Am (Come And Take Me)4:18Al GreenSolid Gold Soul: 1973
2 Share Your Love With Me3:17Aretha FranklinSolid Gold Soul: 1969
3 Going In Circles4:14The Friends Of DistinctionSolid Gold Soul: 1969
4 You Got Me Hummin'2:54Sam & DaveThe Best Of Sam & Dave
5 Bring It On Home To Me2:46Sam CookeThe Best of Sam Cooke
6 The World Is A Ghetto4:07WarSolid Gold Soul: 1973
7 Jealous Kind Of Fella2:53Garland GreenSolid Gold Soul: 1969
8 Oh, What A Night4:03The DellsSolid Gold Soul: 1969
9 Have You Seen Her5:10The Chi-LitesRhythm & Blues: 1971
10 Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)3:24The DelfonicsSolid Gold Soul 1970
11 Twenty-Five Miles3:20Edwin StarrSolid Gold Soul: 1969
12 Reconsider Me3:47Johnny AdamsSolid Gold Soul: 1969
13 Cissy Strut3:0The MetersSolid Gold Soul: 1969
14 Why Cant We Live Together3:33Timmy ThomasSolid Gold Soul: 1973

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