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Take Five With Majid Khaliq

By Published: February 18, 2011
What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically? I hope that I have a chance to show people the different ways of applying violin to the music of jazz. And, that people enjoy the grooving strings as much as they love the lyrical.

Did you know...

My great-grandfather was the Ed Smalls of the original "Small's Paradise in Harlem." And I was the character "Naheem" in Wes Craven's Academy Award-nominated feature film, Music from the Heart, starring Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep.

CDs you are listening to now:

Kenny Kirkland, Kenny Kirkland;

Kenny Garrett, Songbook and Standard of Language;

Branford Marsalis
Branford Marsalis
Branford Marsalis
, Crazy People Music;

Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock
, The Prisoner;

Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson
1937 - 2001
sax, tenor
, In and Out.

Desert Island picks:

Kenny Garrett, Songbook;

Miles Davis
Miles Davis
Miles Davis
1926 - 1991
, Milestones;

McCoy Tyner, The Real McCoy;

Joe Henderson, In and Out;

Kenny Kirkland, Kenny Kirkland.

How would you describe the state of jazz today? I view the state of jazz in a positive place. In the area of education and institutionalization of jazz, it is doing better than ever. In the area of performance, it is more difficult because the live performance of music has moved to many new places. Places like the Internet are spaces that did not exist during John Coltrane's time. Thus, making the market more spread out and harder to grasp. However, that isn't negative. It is just different.

What are some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing? The continued understanding that jazz is from "the Blues." And that jazz is an American art form that needs respect and love from its own countrymen and women to thrive.

What is in the near future? Looking to do some touring in Japan this summer and to go to Europe in the fall.

By Day:

I teach the violin in NYC public school C.S. 73 in the Bronx, through the non-profit organization Change for Kids. And teach in a Waldorf School in Garden City, Long Island.

If I weren't a jazz musician, I would be a: I see no other way of living.

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Majid Khaliq
Majid Khaliq

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