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Accurate Records: Growing Out of Boston

By Published: February 3, 2011
Personnel: Steve Grismore: guitar; Paul Scea: tenor saxophone, flute; Tim Hagans: trumpet; Matt Wilson: drums; John Turner: bass.


Tracks: Can I Do This; Infamous Balloon Man; Endless; March Mellow; Dance for Peace; Announcement; Y Note; Viva la Revoluciòn; Take it Easy; Dry Tears.

Personnel: Thomson Kneeland: bass, electronics; Brooke Sofferman: drums, percussion; Jacques Chanier: piano.

Made in the Shade

Tracks: Squid Man Stomp; Caravan; Dinah; The Mooche; Mardi Gras in New Orleans; St. James Infirmary; Folkaspasm; When It's Sleepytime Down South; Royal Garden Blues; Permit Blues; Ol' Man Mose; Fungi Mama; Splotches; Basin St. Blues; That's A Plenty.

Personnel: Dan Fox: trombone; Nathan Cox: soprano & tenor saxophones, vocals; Mike Peipman: trumpet; Paul Dosier: tuba; John McClellan: drums; Crick Diefendorf: banjo, acoustic guitar; Jimmy Hazzy: banjo, vocals.

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