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Accurate Records: Growing Out of Boston

By Published: February 3, 2011
Throughout, many fascinating details appear. For instance, Sofferman's use of a frame drum gives ambience to the elegantly executed "Dance for Peace," where Chanier's fingers chant through the keyboard. Elsewhere, the rolling waves of piano form a nice introduction to the groovy "Y Note," while the soft ballad "Dry Tears" ends the album on a contemplative note.

Playing on all facets of the form of the trio, Chanier and his cohorts laugh, cry and sing through music. Many genres and songs have been soaked up in the group's style, but the final result of the different musical threads on the album is a quilt which is all its own: refreshingly contemporary and yet timeless in its beauty.

Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade

Accurate Records


Good times and fun prevail on the quirky Dixieland jazz from Made in the Shade. It's not many times that one hears a toilet flushing on record, but this actually happens on "Squid Man Stop," a track from the group's self-titled album.

A drawing of a smiling crocodile with bowler-hat graces the cover of the album, and there's something cartoonish about the music, underlined by titles such as "Splotches" and "Polkaspasm."

As can be expected, this is hardly authentic music in the most rigid sense of the word. Anachronistic curveballs, such as a spicy flavor of Mexican music, interrupt the tune "Caravan," where the banjo plays full speed ahead while the tuba blows joyfully.

While relatively true to the genre, Made in the Shade is far from your ordinary Old Time band. Breaks played at punk-rock speed, sound effects and a general sense of weirdness makes the band one of kind. The best way to describe it would be as kind of postmodern surreal Dixieland music. This is a record that shows that Accurate is not afraid to take chances when it comes to disturbing purists of genre. The only thing that matters in the end is the music.

Tracks and Personnel

The Brunt

Tracks: Pas de Trois; Notes on a Cliff; Hard Talk; Permit Blues; Jon's Dream; H.A.C.; The Brunt; Blues for New Orleans; Lay Lady Lay.

Personnel: Tom Halter: trumpet, flugelhorn; John Carlson: trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet; Russell Jewell: trombone; Dan Fox: trombone; Andrew D'Angelo: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet; Russ Gershon: tenor, soprano saxophone; Charlie Kohlhase: baritone saxophone; Chris Taylor: piano, synthesizer; John Turner: bass; Matt Wilson: drums.

Dark of Days

Tracks: Still Asleep; The Waiting Noon; Blue Kitchen; The Hat; Dark of Days; Cliché; Supergirls Complaint; In Between Songs; Master Manipulator; Minor Key; So Much Time.

Personnel: Monique Ortiz: vocals, fretless bass, baritone guitar; Jim Moran: guitar, bass; Russ Gershon: baritone, tenor and soprano saxophones; Jerome Dupree: drums, percussion.

Alloy Orchestra

Tracks: Metropolis; Garden of Earthly Delights; The Clock; Maria's Theme; Escape from the Underground City; Aelita; Life on Mars; The Blue Room; Theme from Sylvester; Cabaret Medley; The Wind; Burundi; False Alarm; Zone of Silence; Ophelia; Deep Water; Baptism of Fire.

Personnel: Terry Donahue: percussion, accordion; Caleb Sampson: synthesizers; Ken Winokur: percussion; Neil Leonard: saxophone.

The Crazy Woman

Tracks: Godlike; The Last Toast; The Crazy Woman; We Real Cool; Frog/Man; The Snow Man; Fireflies; Veins; I Clearly Saw; Life is Sick; No Way & Now.

Personnel: Frank Carlberg: piano; Christine Correa: voice; Chris Cheek: tenor saxophone; Ben Street: bass; Kenny Wollesen: drums.

Purple Cha Cha Heels

Tracks: A Day in the life of an Afro; Free for a Dollar; Purple Cha Cha Heels; Carnival; Fajita Fajardo; Cruzin; Let it Slide; Compay Pongasé Duro; Merengana; Those Who Trespass Against Us; Kick Your Culo; Chachita; Chan; Tjader Dude; When Elephants Fly.

Personnel: Russell Jewell: trombone; Jim Messbauer: trombone; Ana Norgaard: congas, percussion; Scott Aruda: trumpet; Tim Mayer: baritone saxophone, flute; Gonzalo Grau: piano, guira, tambora.


Tracks: 317 E. 32nd Street; Two Not One; King Oliver; Dark Song; Featherbed; Kary's Theme; Mishing; April; All About You; Lament; In Time; Dreams; Out & Out; Baby; Background Music.

Personnel: Eric Pakula: alto saxophone; Pandelis Karayorgis: piano; Jonathan Robinson: bass; Nate McBride: bass; Eric Rosenthal: drums; John McLean: drums.

When the Moon Jumps

Tracks: When the Moon Jumps; Checkered Blues; All the Things You Are; Con Alma; Stomping Ground; Perfect Machine; Flowing; Standing Still; Flying.

Personnel: Doug Yetes: alto saxophone, bass clarinet; Donny McCaslin: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; John Carlson: trumpet; Bob Levy: trumpet; Curtis Hasselbring: trombone; John Dirac: guitar; John Medeski: piano; Chris Wood: bass; Dane Richeson: percussion; Billy Martin: percussion.

Of What

Tracks: Of What; 157 A.M.; Prefect; I Found a Shirt in My Yard; Intensity/Density; Die for a Metaphor; Feet; Child's Play; Gone But Not Forgotten; RSJ; Saap Story; Ryaum Chages.

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