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Justin Kauflin: Humble Beginnings

By Published: March 8, 2011
Somebody [asked] me, "Why are you waiting to record your CD? Just do it." You are never going to be at a point where you feel ready because you [feel] good enough. You have to do it mainly because you want to take a snapshot of where you are at that time. When I think about it that way, I want to do one at least every year or two.

I hope to solidify things for myself, as far as just what I am doing. Hopefully in the city, maybe not; I don't really care where I am as long as I am playing for people that are appreciative.

I would say it is pretty simple. I want to be playing music until I am gone; if it is for a big audience, that's great. If it is for a small audience and I am still able to live, I will be happy.

Playing with folks that I really enjoy playing with is big. That is how you make the best music.

I don't have big goals or anything, but I guess I like to keep it simple. We will see what is going to happen; I am just kind of taking it as it comes.

AAJ: What is your ultimate "goal"?

JK: If there is one thing I want to resonate, it is my spirituality. That is something extremely important to me in my own life and something that I want to share: blatantly or just through the experience of the music I am playing. I feel that music—whether you are religious or not—is a spiritual experience. I think that is a big proponent of why music is so effective. I hope to ultimately be able to inspire people in any level of that. Just to bring people to a higher state, I guess. I hope people can recognize that that is something important to me without me having to tell them and without me having to put a whole bunch of songs that are blatantly religion-based [on the record].

That is something I want to communicate. I am going to try and grow and hope that presents itself.

Selected Discography

Justin Kauflin, Introducing Justin Kauflin (Justin Kauflin, 2010)

Jae Sinnett Trio, Theatre (J-Nett Music, 2010)

Jae Sinnett Trio, The Sinnett Hearings (J-Nett Music, 2005)

Photo Credits

All Photos: Courtesy of Phyllis Kauflin

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