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Matthew Garrison: Core Matter

By Published: January 24, 2011
AAJ: Yeah. Every month there'll be a new tune, and some of them will show up on Shapeshifter Live Part Two. Just as people don't want to be limited to having to download an entire CD of music, I want to be able to put a tune out here, play live there, videotape this, put a tune out there; I want to have that same freedom. I also like the idea that every month I have to put out something fresh, forcing the composer to write music that is new.

Selected Discography

Matthew Garrison, Shapeshifter Live 2010 Part 1 (GJP, 2010)

Ranjit Barot, Bada Boom (Abstract Logix, 2010)

Pino Daniele, Boogie Boogie Man (Sony, 2010)

Terri Lyne Carrington, More to Say (Koch Records, 2009)

Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe, Matthew Garrison, Improvision (Abstract Logix, 2007)

John McLaughlin, Industrial Zen (Verve, 2006)

Wallace Roney, Mystikal (Highnote Records, 2005)

Gary Husband's Force Majeur, Live at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London [DVD] (RSJ Groove, 2005)

Matthew Garrison, Shapeshifter (GJP, 2004)

Matthew Garrison, Matt Garrison Live (GJP, 2004)

Dennis Chambers, Outbreak (ESC, 2002)

Herbie Hancock, Future 2 Future Live [DVD] (Transparent Music, 2002)
Matthew Garrison, Matthew Garrison (GJP, 2001)

John McLaughlin, The Heart of Things, Live in Paris (Verve, 2000)

Jim Beard, Advocate (ESC, 1999)

John McLaughlin, The Heart of Things (Verve, 1997)

Steve Coleman, Def Trance Beat (Novus, 1997)

Joe Zawinul, My People (ESC, 1996)

Bob Moses, Time Stood Still (Gramavision, 1994)

Photo Credits

Pages 1, 4: John Kelman
Pages 2, 3: Fortuna Sung

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