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Conference Call: Evolution of a Burning Bush

By Published: January 17, 2011
AAJ: That relates to my last question: are you "married" to each other? Are you going to stay faithful to each other as a band?

JF: We're not going anywhere, we're waiting for the world to wake up that we're here!

GS: Yeah, we're already planning for the future, and I look forward to meeting up with these guys. It's very difficult, we're all located in different parts of the world. It's remarkable that we can get together at the beginning of a tour, and pull together some of our old tunes, and even add new tunes, right off the bat. And that's what makes this band so pliable and exciting.

AAJ: Like old friends meeting, picking up the thread without skipping a beat.

GS: Exactly. If we weren't musicians and we met at a bar, I guess we'd start up the conversation like it never had to end before.

Selected Discography

Conference Call, What about the ...? (NotTwo, 2010)

Conference Call, Poetry in Motion (Clean Feed, 2008)

Conference Call, Live at the Outpost Performance Space (482 Music, 2006)

Conference Call, Spirals: the Berlin Concerts (482 Music, 2004)

Conference Call, Variations on a Master Plan (Leo, 2003)

Conference Call, Final Answer (Soul Note, 2003)

Photo Credits

Page 1: Manfred Kiesant

Page 2: Courtesy of Conference Call

Page 3: Frank Rubolino

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