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Kellylee Evans: A Nod to Nina, Then Onward

By Published: December 27, 2010
Nonetheless, "I love music, so it's been pretty easy to keep going forward."

Kept busy at home with her children, Evans writes songs when she can carve out the time. "That's something I need to get to. I just haven't put the importance on writing as much as I have on all the other things that are important. When I do write, I cherish it."

Evans has done some performing in the U.S., but currently she says France is where things are moving and she recently returned from a performance at L'Olympia, in Paris, "which is an awesome venue. We go back again in February. It's great."

With the help of her family, she strives for the proper balance of career and home life. Expanding her career is important enough "so we make everything work with it. That's how mom stays sane," she says with a soft laugh. "I have to sing; I want to continue to travel and play to bigger and bigger audiences across the world. I love this job. I'm hopeful. I've got my fingers crossed. I love this."

Selected Discography

Kellylee Evans, Nina (Plus Lion, 2010)

Kellylee Evans, The Good Girl (Self Produced, 2010)

Kellylee Evans, Fight or Flight? (Self Produced, 2007)

Photo Credits

All Photos: Roger Humbert

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