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The Ticket

By Published: December 30, 2010
OK, so I'm running out of friends here. I had two more I could ask, but wanted to have my ace in the hole. So I called old reliable Randy, who went with me last year. Randy was very understanding that I wanted others to go along, and he assured me that he could go if I could not find someone. I told him I would let him know by 10:30 in the morning.

An early morning call to family friend Kathy found her busy, so I thought, "Who do I know that does not have family obligations?" Of course! The college priest. Father John is a great guy, and it just so happens we had a meeting together at 9:30 am.

"How fun would that have been," he asked. "But I have dinner plans. I don't think I would be done until 8 pm."

So I picked up Randy at 6 pm and we headed downtown, just as we did last year. Once again, we had a glorious time. This is a band that speaks with its music. There is very little talk from this group who does not even introduce its members until intermission. It is pure talent and stage personality that has made the Preservation Hall Jazz Band tops in its genre. The group makes people happy.

Actually, as I learned, just the thought of this band makes people happy. So Marianne, Jim, Dan, Mike, Robert, Don, Dave, Michael, Betsy, Ron, Kathy, and John: I wish you all could have gone with me. It was a great night. And I am glad I could provide you with that moment of joy. The thought of going with each of you made me happy too. And if we are lucky, maybe next year.

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