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Storyville Records: A Treasure Trove of Swinging Jazz

By Published: December 22, 2010
Tracks: CD1: Tomorrow Night ; Clementine Blues; See See Rider; Raining On The Cold, Cold Ground; Jelly, Jelly; Too Late To Cry Baby; Call Me Darling; Why Did You Go; Swinging With Lonnie; Please Help Me; My Baby Is Gone; You Don't Know What Love Is; Don't Cry Baby; Good Morning Mr. Blues; Riverside Blues; Jelly Roll Baker; Trouble In Mind; Worried Life Blues; T.B. Blues; Spann's Boogie; Goin' Down Slow. CD2: The Dirty Dozen; I Had My Fun; Caldonia; Oh! Red; St. Louis Stomp; Milk Cow Blues; Dad's Piece; You've Got The Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo; Red's Own Blues; Uncle Sam's Blues; It Feels So Good; How Long Blues; Tain't Nobody's Biznezz; Prison Bound Blues; Johnson Machine Gun Blues; Miss Ida B; I Done You Wrong; 18. Brown Skin Mama; Goin' Down Slow; Sunnyland's Boogie; One Room Country Shack. CD3: Big Ben; Boot That Thing; Springfield Blues; Henry Ford Blues; I'm A Dangerous Man; True Thing; Whole Lot Of Children; The Last Laugh; 44 Blues; Women Be Wise; Trouble Everywhere I Roam; Special Delivery Blues; Murder Gonna Be My Crime; Shorty George Blues; I'm A Mighty Tight Woman; Bedroom Blues; Up The Country Blues; You Don't Know My Mind; I Must Get Mine In Front; Willie Anderson's Blues; Jim Jam Blues; Hesitatin' Blues; Mama, You Don't Mean Me No Good. CD4: Shake Them Down; Saturday Night Jump; Jinx Blues; Pick A Pickle; Ramblin' And Wanderin' Blues; Old Saw Mill Blues; Don't The Apples Look Mellow; El Paso Blues; Juanita Blues; Vitamin "A" Blues: Drop Down Mama; I'd Been Well Warned; Stop That Thing; Diving Duck Blues; Vernita Blues; Bottle Up And Go; Mountain Cat Blues; Doctor Blues; Got On His Mind; Meet Him Over In Paradise; Goodbye Baby; It's Gotta Be Jelly 'Cause Jam Don't Shake Thataway; She Walked Around With Her Mouth Poked; Greyhound Blues. CD5: Glory Of Love; Careless Love; I Gets The Blues When It Rains; My Name Is Lee Conley Broonzy; Take This Hammer; See See Rider; Diggin' My Potatoes; Midnight Special; Keep Your Hands Off Her; I Got A Girl; You Better Mind; I Love You So Much; Sixteen Tons; Black Brown And White; Goodnight Irene; Dust My Broom; I Heard My Baby; I Ain't Gonna Pick No More Cotton; Miss Nelly Grey; Tell Me Baby; Jump Blues. CD6: El Capitan; This Is A Good Time To Write A Song; I'm So Alone; True Love; Two Of A Kind; Big City Girl; The Question; Misery; Fattening Frogs For Snakes; Born With The Blues; Whizzle Wham; How Long Blues; Blues Before Sunrise; In The Evening; Tomorrow Night; In The Dark; Fine And Mellow; Drinkin' Wine Spodie-Odie; Third Degree; Five Long Years; A Reel Good Feeling; Kansas City Blues; How Long Blues; Cherry Red. CD7: I Can't Understand; Movin' Down The River; The Story Of Sonnyboy Williamson; Rebecca Blues; I Wonder If I Have A Friend; Same Girl; Girl Friends; Tippin' Through Customs; Little Girl; You Can't Get Away; I'm Crazy About Your Pie; The Sweetest Girl I Know; Easy Rider; Rock Island Line; Find My Way Home; Midnight Special; The Chariot Is Coming; Howdy Blues; In The Evening. DVD: Introduction/Dupree Special; Mean Old Lonesome Train; Alberta; Tell Me Baby; You're My Baby; Goin' Back Home; Drivin' Wheel; They Gonna Ball Tonight; Kindhearted Women; Little And Low; Seagram's Jam. Henry Gray: Blues Dance; Cold Chills; Ninth Ward Blues; Life Is A One Way Ticket; Beggin' Woman; Me And Hard Work; I Wouldn't Give A Blind Sow An Acorn.

Personnel: CD1: Lonnie Johnson: guitar, vocal; Otis Spann: piano, vocal. CD2: Speckled Red: piano, vocal; Sunnyland Slim: piano, vocal. CD3: Roosevelt Sykes: piano, vocal; Sippie Wallace: vocal; Little Brother Montgomery: piano, vocal. CD4: Big Joe Williams: guitar, vocal; Sleepy John Estes: guitar, vocal; Robert Peter Williams: guitar, vocal. CD5: Big Bill Broonzy: guitar, vocal; John Henry Barbee: guitar, vocal. CD6: Memphis Slim: piano, vocal; Champion Jack Dupree: piano, vocal; Eddie Boyd: piano, vocal; Jay McShann: piano, vocal; Thomas Puggard Muller: guitar; Erik Molbach: bass; Ole Christiansen: bass; Ole Skipper Mosgard: bass; Mogens Seidelin: bass; Jorn Elniff: drums; Alex Riel: drums; Thorkild Moller: drums. CD7: Sonny Boy Williamson: harmonica, vocal; Memphis Slim: piano vocal; Sonny Terry: harmonica, vocal; Brownie McGhee: guitar, vocal; Matt Murphy: guitar; Billie Stepney: drums; Svend Erik Norregaard: drums. DVD: Champion Jack Dupree: piano, vocal; Sonny Boy Williamson: harmonica, vocal; Lennart Nylen: guitar; Sture Nordin: bass; Robert Lockwood Jr.: guitar, vocal; James Carroll Booker 111: piano; Henry Gray: piano, vocal; Boogie Bill Webb: guitar; Harmonica Slim: harmonica; Cousin Joe: piano, vocal.

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