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Anil Prasad: Inner Views, Borderless Perspectives

By Published: December 28, 2010
AAJ: Can you talk about where you see the future of music journalism as a whole?

AP: The action has definitely shifted online. As far as extended length online interviews go, check out Tokafi, run by Tobias Fischer or The Quietus, both of which are doing excellent work. All About Jazz is another beacon for deep content. I think it's great that there is that level of detail out there and that there are so many people doing it. I think it's just like music. I think probably the best music journalism is being created by people who don't do this full-time for a living. It's really about the journalist promoting the music that they believe in. Ultimately that is the best music journalism, in my opinion: when the writer is writing about something they care about that they feel is worth letting the world know exists. There's definitely value in the critical side of the house too. It's fun when writers trash albums by bloated, self-important rock stars, rappers, or those reality show entertainers. But that's not going to be lasting. You're unlikely to go back to that stuff years later. It's pretty ephemeral. I think there's a lot of really high quality writing with lasting value available these days. You have to know where to go find it. If you know where to look, you will be richly rewarded.

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