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Doug Wamble: A New Direction

By Published: December 21, 2010
When I first worked with Cassandra, she was great. She told me to finish my thing and then come to New York and get set up that way. I never went out on the road with her, but I was able to record and arrange some stuff with her and it was a great experience. Wynton was great too, and he still calls me from time to time and I'm always grateful for those opportunities. Branford is still a big influence on me. It was such an honor for him to pick me to make records with. We all need validation, I mean we're all human, and when you get validation from your heroes it's a big deal.

I'm not on the level of those guys in terms of my career, but when I get a chance to work with younger cats and help them out I take it. I recently had a young player from Oberlin come to New York and take some lessons with me, which was very cool and it's a big responsibility. There are a lot of players to study with in New York, so when someone chooses me I take it seriously. I also keep my house open to folks traveling through, or need a place to stay. I'm always willing to share a bowl of beans and rice with a fresh New Yorker. That's all part of the experience of coming here, and part of it once you've established yourself on the scene here as an older player.

Selected Discography

Doug Wamble, Doug Wamble (E1 Music, 2010)

Sachal Vasandani, We Move (Mack Avenue, 2009)

Steven Bernstein, We Are MTO (MOWO, 2008)

Doug Wamble, Bluestate (Marsalis Music, 2005)

David Berger
David Berger
David Berger
, Marlowe (Such Sweet Thunder, 2005)

Doug Wamble, Country Libations (Marsalis Music, 2003)

NJR All Stars, Tribute to Duke Ellington (NJR, 2000)

Photo Credits

Page 1: Courtesy of Doug Wamble

Page 2: Michael Kurgansky

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