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Will Vinson: Planted and Growing in New York

By Published: December 13, 2010
"There are other great musicians around the world. But if you've been in New York for a while and you go to other scenes, even if they do have something of their own to offer that's very strong, you realize just how great New York is. Just because of the basic bar that is set. Everybody that you see playing anywhere is more or less world class. Then it just goes on from there. There's no better motivator than the knowledge that there's all these other people within a few miles (in New York)—hundreds of people that are dedicated to the music and working on something new all the time—and that if I call them I can play with them. I'm inspired by the other people that are trying to do what I'm trying to do. For me, that's all it takes."

Selected Discography

Will Vinson, Stockholm Syndrome (Criss Cross, 2010)

Will Vinson, The World Through My Shoes (Nineteen Eight Records, 2010)

Will Vinson, Promises (Nineteen Eight Records, 2009)

Ari Hoenig, Inversations (Dreyfus, 2007)

Jonathan Kreisberg, The South of Everywhere (Mel Bay Records, 2007)

Will Vinson, It's For You (Sirocco Music Limited, 2004)

Photo Credits

Page 1: Kay-Christian Heine

Page 2: Alexandros Lambrovassilis, Courtesy of Will Vinson

Page 3: Emmanuelle Vial, Courtesy of Will Vinson

Page 4: José Antonio Aguilar, Courtesy of Will Vinson

Page 5: Henrietta Butler, Courtesy of Getty Images

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