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A Fireside Chat With Concord's John Burk

By Published: October 1, 2003

JB: I just did a deal with Ray Charles to do a new record, which I am really excited about. He is a guy who has done everything from jazz to blues to the very foundation of R&B. There is nobody like him. He guested on the new Poncho Sanchez record, which we will put out this fall. That is a really fun record. Poncho started out as a singer and guitar band in old soul bands. He discovered Latin jazz from his older siblings records, so we married the two things on his new record. It is a great record. I am really excited about that one.

We did a deal with Ozomatli. That will be coming out. I think with Ray and Ozo and groups like that, they have a deep respect for jazz. In a way, it is indicative to the growth of the label. We have to connect to an ever younger audience and stay current.

What would Miles Davis be doing now? He is not going to go where he has been. This art form has to progress. We purchased a small Tony Bennett catalog. Are you familiar with the Tony Bennett/Bill Evans release?

FJ: On Tony's own label.

JB: Yeah, well, we have that now. We are going to put that out. We have Dapp Theory and they are stretching it and taking it somewhere new. We are rooted in the tradition and at the same time, I am looking to see the genre develop and grow.

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