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By Published: November 26, 2010
Damn Those Pesky Social Networking Kids

So, how many jazz reviewers can be insulted in 140 characters or less? Who knows what the possibilities are, but three is certainly an achievable number as I discovered during an idle exploration through Twitter. That's the number of AAJ reviewers given a stern rebuke in a single Tweet by one well-known musician; who I will refer to as Number Six in keeping with the nostalgic air of the first part of this article. Apparently all three reviewers made the same fundamental error in describing a tune on Number Six's most recent CD. However, rather than pointing this error out to me—for I am one of the Unhearing Three—in an email or, more usefully, via the "Discuss" button on AAJ, the musician decided instead to moan in a Tweet.

I stand by my comment—which was an observation, not a criticism. I can't speak for my fellow reviewers because, contrary to the Tweet's implication of a conspiracy, I have never met them. My old communication skills lecturer always used to say that if your message confused one recipient, then shame on them: if it confused three, then shame on you. Or was that George W Bush?

More later, perhaps.

Christmas Is Coming

The New Year will soon follow and, of course, the annual ritual of the Best Albums Of The Year is as inevitable as Santa's sleigh. Obviously, JazzLife UK will be producing the definitive declaration of 2010's best British jazz albums (despite my earlier comments about awards) and to that end I am devoting many hours to drafting my Top Ten. I think it's been a great year for British jazz—my current slightly longer than ten album shortlist includes works by an Irish singer, a saxophonist from Israel, a Slovakian-born guitarist, a Canadian trumpeter, an Australian vocalist. They're all part of the Great British jazz scene.

So, as JazzLife UK prepares to go into "Bah, Humbug" mode for the holiday season I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And, most certainly, more great jazz in 2011.

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