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It Might Get Loud

By Published: November 21, 2010
It Might Get Loud is a remarkable journey through the past of three important musical figures, with glimpses of the possible future. As a history of the electric guitar, the film is far from a runaway success, as it doesn't touch much on the backstory. But it does give a glimpse of the instrument's endless possibilities in the hands of talented people. For anyone interested in the history of the guitar, Alan Yentob's documentary Imagine: History of the Guitar is the better choice. It Might Get Loud is, however, an impressively directed documentary, telling compelling stories by guitarists who have enriched modern music.

Production Notes: 98 minutes. Extras: commentary track with Guggenheim and producers Lesley Chilcott and Thomas Tull, featuring the Toronto Film Festival press conference and additional performance and interview footage.

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