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Clifton Anderson: Leading The Way

By Published: November 14, 2010
Big record companies can no longer nullify an artist's ambitions by simply denying them a recording contract. So now, after some fifty years spent primarily supporting other musicians, trombonists are genuinely free to focus upon maximizing their own careers while they demonstrate their instrument's true potential. And with his talent for composing, his experience managing an internationally successful record label, and three decades spent skillfully supporting the industry's top artists, Clifton Anderson seems uniquely qualified to stand center stage and lead the way in this challenging but unfettered new world of jazz.

Selected Discography:

Clifton Anderson, Decade (Doxy, 2009)
Sonny Rollins, Live in Vienne (Doxy, 2008)
Sonny Rollins, Road Shows Vol. 1 (Doxy, 2008)
Sonny Rollins, Sonny, Please (Doxy, 2006)
Sonny Rollins, Without A Song: The 9/11 Concert (Milestone, 2005)
Sonny Rollins, This Is What I Do (Milestone, 2000)
Paul Simon, Greatest Hits—Shining Like a National Guitar (Warner Bros., 2000)
Sonny Rollins, Global Warming (Milestone, 1998)
Clifton Anderson, Landmarks (Milestone, 1996)
Steve Turre, Sanctified Shells (Antilles, 1993)
Sonny Rollins, Old Flames (Milestone, 1993)
Sonny Rollins, Falling in Love With Jazz (Milestone, 1991)
Sonny Rollins, Dancing in the Dark (Milestone, 1987)
Sonny Rollins, G-Man (Milestone, 1986)
Sonny Rollins, Sunny Days, Starry Nights (Milestone, 1984)
Stevie Wonder, Original Musiquarium (Tamla, 1982)
T.S. Monk, More of the Good Life (Mirage, 1981)
T.S. Monk, House of Music (Mirage, 1980)
Carlos Garnett, Cosmos Nucleus (Muse Records, 1976)

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