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Take Five With Fede4real

By Published: October 30, 2010
"Dreams" is a hybrid between pop and gospel, from my last album, Funk Temple.I woke up one morning and the song just came—music and lyrics in one morning—truly sent from heaven. I decided to arrange a gospel choir for the song to add extra push. The message in the song, for young people like me, is to follow your dreams and have faith in God. Nobody believed in me as a musician when I started—it was a me against the world. And if anything in my career, I'm happy for this song; even if I retire one day, it's my testimony, and I hope it can inspire other young kids to try and follow their dreams. I have fans worldwide and it's something I could never dream. Also the experience in the studio, with the guys that didn't know each other, recording the backing vocals, and the spirituality of it, was one of a kind.

The first Jazz album I bought was: Lets say the first I explored, "Chameleon," by Herbie Hancock.

What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically? I think my music is real, original and its not always about the lyrics. I think my music brings peace and helps people relax and forget about ordinary daily troubles. I see myself as only a channel. I bring it to life and then music flows freely and reaches different purposes.

I think I'm part of a generation of artists who are forced to be a do it all. You're own manager, investor, booking agent and publicist. But thanks to that, you can keep your artistic vision clear. So what you listen to, when you listen to my songs, it's not a song played by six different musicians, mixed in a city, mastered in another. You listen to unique, real, heartfelt and honest music as a whole. The unique vision of its creator, and that's something that is missing in major projects. I don't sound crystal clear; life is not crystal clear with reverb—life is real, I'm real, and I keep my music real too.

Did you know...

My mother language is Spanish. I'm not even bilingual, when it comes to English but I can only write lyrics in English. I know; shocking.

CDs you are listening to now: lately I'm listening a lot of Terence Trent D'Arby. I think his music is so unique and powerful. Billie Holiday's "All of Me"; El Debarge's "All This Love." After taking a two-week break after finishing mastering, I'm listening to my album from a listener perspective, and dissecting everything. Realizing things that I could have done better and, of course, enjoying the hard work.

How would you describe the state of jazz today? I think that after the initial reactions to the blending of genres, everybody has finally accepted that there's space for everything. You only need to know where to find what you like. I sometimes feel like listening to Nat "King" Cole; other times a nice smooth jazz jam makes it, or just instrumental jazz. Or a jazzy funk sax solo. To me, my journey in jazz has just started. I'm very excited to cover jazz standards and explore my vocals in the key of jazz, and if God wants me to keep writing jazz I'll keep bringing my music to the world. I can't tell you 'cause it's not in my hands.

What are some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing? I don't believe we should push or keep jazz. I think there will be ups and downs like everything, but it's a wonderful genre of music, and just like classical music, it will never die. To keep jazz alive, you only need to love jazz; your friend, your son, or your girlfriend will fall in love with it too.

What is in the near future? Im going to be honest here. I'm exhausted, after composing, writing and producing this album between London and Madrid, and getting the promo ready. I've had a Michael Jackson tribute show running at the same time, his whole repertoire, live. So I will promote this album and rehearse November and December, 2010 at home, relaxing a bit.

I will shoot an unplugged video, featuring my old songs and the new ones on Jazzylicious live. And I look forward to connecting with venues and managers for a European tour in early 2011, and hopefully visit, again, the United States in the spring and summer, 2011.Im very excited about touring California.

By Day:

I'm a working fashion model. When I'm not writing, rehearsing, or shooting my music videos, I'm going from casting to casting.

If I weren't a jazz musician, I would be a: I'm not the kind of man that makes plans, but it should be something creative, where I can put my soul and my vision. Maybe a photographer or film director. I've directed my music videos, and its very exciting, and I love photography.

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