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A Fireside Chat With Bill Mays

By Published: October 7, 2003

BM: Yeah, the thing about them too, Fred, is that they are both composers and arrangers like me, so they bring something a little different to the table than your average rhythm section. They really understand my thinking. They are real masters of orchestration and the masters of color and texture and their sense of drama. It’s a wonderful trio.

FJ: And the future?

BM: This one just came out, but I just worked on something for Sony. It is a project for surround sound using four or five speakers. Another one I am very proud of that came out not too long ago was an album of Catherine Dupuis. I got to write for a rhythm section and three horns, which I love doing. I had some great players, Marvin Stamm and Ted Nash and Jim Pugh playing trombone. It was called Moments.

And we just launched a website. It is . That has a brand new book of twelve of my songs. I have made it very playable for good amateur to professionals. We are selling copies from the website. We have to be out there doing it and that is why I am traveling six or seven months out of the year. You have to be out playing. I will be in California in October with the trio.

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