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Josh Roseman: Reimagining the Constellations

By Published: November 15, 2010
"There's so many of them. It's an amazing era for the instrument. It's very encouraging. It's not just good for the instrument, it's good for the music. It's good for people to see an instrument that is getting an overhaul in terms of the way it's presented, in real time, in front of people's eyes. I think that's always exciting. With that in mind, I created a trombonists' support network called the New York Slideworkers Union, or NYSWU. We're doing performances. Recording ensembles by trombonists. ( I'm about to incorporate it as a non-profit and we're going to start releasing some of the stuff commercially."

Another iron to place in the fire.

Selected Discography

Josh Roseman, New Constellations: Live in Vienna (Scrootable Labs/Accurate, 2007) Meshell Ndegeocello, The Spirit Music Jamia: Dance of the Infidel (Shanachie, 2008) Dave Holland Big Band, Overtime, (Sunnyside, 2005) SF Jazz Collective, SF Jazz Collective (Nonesuch, 2005) Peter Apfelbaum, It Is Written (ACT, 2005) Josh Roseman Unit, Treats for the Nightwalker (Enja, 2003) Oliver Lake Big Band, Cloth (Passin' Thru, 2003) Josh Roseman Unit, Cherry (Knitting Factory, 2002) Sheryl Crow, Sheryl Crow (A&M, 1996) Dave Douglas, In Our Lifetime (New World Records, 1994)

Photo credits

Page 2: Greg Aiello, for

Page 3: David Bias

Page 4: Klaus Muempfer

Page 7: Stanowi Własność

All Other Photos: Courtesy of Josh Roseman

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