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October 2010: Photo Gallery Update

By Published: October 14, 2010
Dear fellow photographer:

All About Jazz recently relaunched our website, making significant changes to our appearance and greatly raising the awareness of our photo gallery. Please read on for the details.


  1. New Photo Editor: Bill King
  2. Professional Directory
  3. Featured Photographers
  4. Photo of the Day / Photos of the Week
  5. Two Tips
  6. Your Copyright Notice

New Photo Editor: Bill King

Diana Krall by Bill King

Photojournalist, musician and publisher Bill King has joined All About Jazz as the Photo Gallery Editor. Many of you may be familiar with Bill and his work and we're thrilled to have him onboard. Our goal is to continually improve the gallery so it serves professional photographers, and since Bill joined us last week, we've made great progress.

Adds Bill, "We will build an easy to use and accessible gallery that is updated daily by professional photographers from across the globe. As a collective we can become the Magnum Agency for jazz and blues photos."

Professional Directory

You can now access a list of featured professional photographers under PEOPLE on the menu bar. Click here for the direct link to our directory.

Featured Photographers

We now feature professional photographers on a separate page that lists them by name with a link to the their photo archive. We sort the order of featured photographers by last upload date.

Photo of the Day / Photos of the Week

During the photo approval process, Bill will designate photos for inclusion in our photo of the day feature as well as the photos of the week.

Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten by Jose Horna

Two Tips

You must tag your photos to make them searchable in the gallery. We'd like you to title them as well, and you can do this from your MANAGE PHOTOS page.

The gallery saves three versions of your photo: large, medium and thumbnail. We'd like the large horizontal photos to be at least 800 pixels wide. And make sure your images are saved at 72dpi.

You can read our upload guidelines here.

Your Copyright Notice

We go to great lengths to protect and credit your photos and we encourage you to upload photos without a physical copyright notice, though we strongly encourage you to use a digital watermark. If you must use a copyright, please use a small font, with a 50% opacity, and place it in the lower right or lower left corner of the photo.

We'll be back in touch when we have more photographer news. Until then, reach out to Bill and say hello!

All the best,

Michael Ricci

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