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Theo Bleckmann at Le Poisson Rouge: The Music Of Kate Bush

By Published: October 17, 2010
Drawing out music like this will also mean that the artist being covered, if no longer active, lives again. It is analogous to a performer/interpreter resurrecting a temporarily neglected composer. As more people discover it, the uncovering can build up a head of steam and run. It is also possible that some might even feel that Bleckmann's versions were more communicative than those of the original artist. The perfect articulation of his voice, as well as his acting, was very expressive, and may have communicated the lyrics in a clearer way. Part of this may be that he has a male voice, with its more centered, cello-like range. Bush is the composer and lyricist of these powerful songs, but Bleckmann may have provided a more definitive and lasting medium for their performance; irrespective, Bleckmann's singing clearly stamped the messages.

Bleckmann and his brilliant band have done something significant with Hello Earth! The Music of Kate Bush. They have unearthed what is essentially, for many Americans—and for others, who may have forgotten or missed it—a new body of music. As a quasi-classical performer with his own distinctive style and sound, Bleckmann presented it in an ideal, tasteful and colorful way. After performing and recording with a variety of musical accompaniments, from solo piano to symphony orchestras, with Hello Earth, Bleckmann has again amply shown his versatility as a singer and conveyor of important music. Bleckmann is a messenger for these works, and a perfect filter. A recording is planned for next year.

Photo credits: Simon J Harper

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