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Cachao: Uno Mas

By Published: September 21, 2010
But for all of the excellent footage, interviews and commentary, nothing better displays Cachao's artistry than the infectious clips of his San Francisco gig featuring the great Colombian saxophonist Justo Almario and conguero Luis Conte, giving their best, especially on "Abakua Protest," "Redencion," "Guajira Clasica" and the number one hit, "Descarga Cachao." Sure, the tempos are not as fast as the maestro delivered them in his heyday. But, like Vladimir Horowitz, Cachao had mastered the art of what not to play; and every note he plucks or strums is perfect, in tune and on tempo. Humility and circumstance may have dimmed his career, but, as this hip and heartfelt documentary illustrates in sight and sound, his everlasting artistry illuminated all of the dark historical holes of his musical life. In the words of "Como su Ritmo No Hay Dos," Cachao's most famous lyric, "like his rhythm, there is no other."

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