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Kane Mathis: Kora Meets Jazz

By Published: September 22, 2010
The Future

With The Kora Band's first album out shortly and the band's tour imminent, the members have not yet decided on the format for a follow up album, but there may be several options on the table. Mathis reveals, "We have a lot of ideas for projects, specific things. It's hard to know what is going to come into play. I've suggested the idea of having The Kora Band play with a string quartet, that kind of thing. It may be that the best thing for us to do after this is to follow it up with an album that shows more of our kora sound. As a band we haven't really decided what the next step is as far as recorded product goes for us."

Kane Mathis' idea for kora, jazz band and string quartet would be a true meeting of worlds, West African music, jazz and Western classical instruments.

Selected Discography

Kane Mathis, Siloo (Self Released, 2010)

The Kora Band, Cascades (Origin, 2010)

The Kora Band, June 2009 Studio Session (Origin, 2009)

The Kora Band, Live At Jimmy Maks 10-9-09 (Self Released, 2009)

The Kora Band, Just 4 U (Origin, 2009)

The Sahel Band, The Sahel Band (Self Released, 2008)

Kane Mathis, 2005 (Self Released, 2005)

Kane Mathis, Kora And Percussion (Self Produced, 2004)

Photo Credits

Photos Courtesy of Kane Mathis

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