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2010 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival: Days 7-10

By Published: July 16, 2010
Harris Eisenstadt's group Canada Day was awkwardly scheduled and situated two days after its holiday namesake and one day before the States' own version of its Independence Day. Performing in the large open space of the Roundhouse's Festival Hall, drummer Eisenstadt brought with him from New York—Wooley (trumpet), Matt Bauder (tenor sax) and Chris Dingman (vibes), with Vancouver bassist Tommy Babin. Unfortunately I was only able to listen to a glimpse of their set before rushing off to the airport to catch my flight back home. But I can certainly say from previous experiences of hearing this group live in New York (not to mention their highly acclaimed self-entitled Clean Feed disc from a year ago), their set surely did not disappoint and represented but one of innumerable intelligent and daring bookings that the 25th annual VIJF presented for their 2010 edition.

So, here's to the Festival's Golden Anniversary in another 25 years—may it be as strong as it is now, if not stronger! Undoubtedly one of the most open-minded (read: open-eared!) festivals anywhere in the world, Vancouver has become a destination come every June and July for the very reason of hearing not only their city's extraordinary homegrown talent (which there is certainly a plethora of) but also to witness many international musicians and groups who simply don't have any or many other North American stops. Hope to see you in Vancouver next June/July!

Photo Credit

All photos by Laurence Donohue-Greene (except Paul Plimley/Frank Gratkowski/Han Bennink, and Tony Wilson by Chris Cameron)

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