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Phish Live Summer 2010: Back to Back at SPAC

By Published: July 10, 2010
It was a slightly unsettling but nonetheless indelible memory to preserve from this back-to-back at SPAC to hear Phish conclude the formal part of the evening of June 20th with the oddball four-way vocal interplay on "You Enjoy Myself." This band's eccentricity is an essential component of their collective personality and now in their second year of reunion may rightly be termed Phish 3.0 —they enacted one self-imposed hiatus in 2000 to 2002, then endured another not so deliberate with the breakup in 2004—such idiosyncrasy sounds perfectly natural, and, this balmy early summer evening in upstate New York, evoked an equally natural reaction from the audience. Such an authentic bond between artist and performer has long been a goal of Phish and their community, but it has perhaps never been so genuine as it is right now.

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Dave Vann

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